UNLV Singapore Campus

UNLV Singapore is UNLV’s first international campus and it features the internationally recognised William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration.

UNLV Singapore has been approved by the Singapore Ministry of Education as an Institute of Higher Learning, specialising in hospitality management education.

UNLV Singapore’s campus is located on levels 10 and 11 of the National Library Building located on Victoria Street. It is designed to feature smaller cohorts with assurance of high calibre students.

UNLV Singapore works closely with industry partners to value-add students’ education. This allows the creation of new learning programs to allow industrial exposure apart from mundane traditional learning. With industrial exposure and convention learning, students can engage in a wide range of educational experiences, thus enhances the quality of their degree.

UNLV Singapore emphasizes on the use of technology in a wireless and fully integrated facility to aid in the learning process. With information on the Internet readily accessible, the learning process and management skills for future use in the industry will be further enhanced.


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