Exciting: Wine Study Group

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Hello treasured members of UWS,


Welcome back for spring semester, and a happy new year. This exciting semester brings all members a new subsidiary component of UNLV Wine Society – the Wine Study Group. 

Calling all wine enthusiasts! If you are tired of repeatedly learning the basics of wine and seek higher knowledge of the topic, join us with your friends every month to learn AND even enjoy great benefits!


About Wine Study Group:

In groups of up to 6, members are required to buy a bottle of wine accordingly to the theme of the month. During the session, a blind tasting will be conducted interactively across groups. The members are then encouraged to participate in the tasting notes discussion, and groups will be required to present their wine after conducting research. Powerpoint slides are not required, while creative or simple verbal presentations are encouraged.

Most importantly, members are encouraged to share, sip and enjoy!

These sessions will be conducted once a month, and groups are required to sign up separately for each session. 10 working hours will be awarded per participating member, per session. All wine expenses will be incurred by participating members.


Date: 2nd Feb 2012, Thursday

Time: 7.15 PM – 8.30 PM

Venue: HCL

Theme: Moscato

Recommended research:

  • Background (country, region, grape varietal, alcohol percentage, vineyard)
  • Vintage year
  • Food pairing
  • Tasting notes


How to sign up?

Form groups of 2-6 and e-mail saww@unlv.nevada.edu with your names and classes, along with the chosen bottle of wine for approval. Upon approval, groups may proceed to purchase and conduct research during their own time.

 Feel free to use our UNLV Wine Society Facebook group to seek out group members! All sessions are subject to capacity, and sign ups are on first come first serve basis.



Deadline: 22nd Jan 2012, Sunday


Fall 2011 Welcome Message!

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UNLV Wine Society (UWS) welcomes 129 members this fall semester with 18 strong committee members. We will be kicking off with our first and most highlighted event of each year in 2 weeks – The Wine Retreat 2011. Invitation to this event will be extended to all UWS members.

This year, the wine retreat will take all participating members through a day of fun and activities to learn the basics of wine. Members can expect to gain knowledge and get hands on experiences on wine service, wine identifying, food and wine pairing, wine etiquette and wine opening.

Do indicate your interest in joining us at The Wine Retreat event by dropping us an email at soonleying@gmail.com. We will also be pleased to answer any enquiries you may have at andrew.limwj@gmail.com.

UNLV Wine Society EXCO 2011/2012

Tan Juan Hui

Vice President
Alan Low

Sabrina Siow
Assist. Secretary
Aisyah Razak

Lee Wen Long
Assist. Treasurer
Nicole Loke

Publicity Head
Jasmine Chan
Assist. Publicity
Sng Trish
Lynette Saw

Public Relations Head
Soon Le ying
Assist. Public Relatons
Melissa Ang

Andrew Lim
Assist. Welfare
Patricia Ng

Edna Lee
Assist. Training
Sophia Loh

Ivan Tan
Assist. Logistics
Abigail Tan

23rd National Cocktail Competition

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UNLV Wine Society congrats Celeste Chong for obtaining Second place in the 23rd National Cocktail Competition!

Appetite Wine Dinner 2011

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UNLV Wine Society was very honoured to be able to attend the Appetite Wine Dinner earlier this year on March 8. It was helped at Mandarin Orchard with about 60 diners that come from Appetite readers and Standard Chartered Priority members. UNLV Wine Society members who attended this dinner were very excited about it!

The highlight of the event was a blind tasting for 10 rosé wines, which were chosen by Appetite wine panel from 50 wines! Participants were to taste, evaluate and score the wines. The top three winners will win an award. The members had a sumptuous Cantonese dinner prepared by Chef Sunny Kong matched with selected wines sponsored by The Italian Wine List. It was indeed an eye opener for our fellow members who joined the dinner. It was a pity that there was a limit to how many vacancies for UNLV Wine Society Members. We can all hope that hopefully there will be an increased of vacancies for more UNLV Wine Society Members to enjoy such a fruitful experience.

As quoted from Derek, “It was nothing short of a remarkable educational journey”



March Issue of UNLV Singapore’s Newsletter

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Hi all UNLV Wine Society Members!

UNLV Wine Society Committee Members are delighted to announce that we made it to the March issue of UNLV Singapore’s Newsletter which was sent to all hotels under Singapore Hotel Association. We are proud that we made ourselves deserve a place with the IBA.

We hope to see more of such achievement from UNLV Wine Society!

Enjoy your holidays, fellow Rebels!

Collaboration with HA 22nd Feb 2011

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It was the first collaboration between UNLV Wine Society and UNLV Hotel Association. UNLV HA organised a grooming and etiquette workshop for UNLV students. As the specialist in food & beverage of UNLV Singapore, the Wine Society entertained the guests with exquisite canapés, fine sparkling wines and handmade dessert. This first collaboration saw a turnout of 60 pax. Derek and Celeste prepared the food with assistance from new committee members. UNLV Wine Society is very glad to receive positive feedback.

We look forward in more collaborations with the other student groups in UNLV!

19 Feb 2011 UNLV Wine Society Retreat

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Hello all!

We had the first ever UNLV Wine Society Retreat on 19 Feb 2011 and it was indeed informative and fun! Registration started at 8.30 and welcomed our fellow members with a registration counter set up. Members signed in and proceeded to be seated. Derek started the welcome speech followed by the training on the basics of wine. It included the history of wine, where it started from, what is old world and new world wines, grapes varietal for red and white wine, how to read a wine label and the difference from different countries and also the fundamental uses of wine. It was indeed very informative and lasted for nearly 2 hours. We were glad that the members all listened attentively. A serious audience we had!

After the serious part of the retreat is over, we started with games and fun headed by Jiayu, the overall in-charge for the retreat. We started with the game called “Power of the State”. The attendees were separated into four groups through random selections. The game required everyone in the group to pick a 3D rectangular paper off the ground with only their mouth and only their feet are allowed to touch the floor at all times. Each person has 3 rounds to complete. The first group that completes the game first would win! This game pretty much depends much on the group’s creativity and team work! Group 1 won this round with team work. Everyone in the group helped the person where they lent support physically and mentally.

After a game to allow our members to stretch and warm up with each other in the group, we started Round Robin. There was a total of 4 stations where each group will rotate around to be able to practice what was taught by Derek during the 2 hours training. These 4 stations were how to open a wine bottle and how to use the corking machine, sensory test with liqueurs, how to pour and serve wine and lastly how to taste wine. Our members were able to get hands on experience at each individual stations. The goal of this activity is to allow our members to learn and experience. Station masters were there to guide and correct when necessary. We do hope that our members learnt some valuable lessons after the retreat.

Lunch was next after the long and exhausting morning! Chef Johnny Quek came to help us prepare the food. We had sandwiches, canapés and also chocolate fondue. Everyone was starving and the food wiped out almost immediately.

After lunch, it was back to games, “Are you hot?!” In this game, 4 groups were given 4 songs to choose from. The group that came in first for the “Power of State” was able to choose which song they want. However, we only play one song at the time and if the group rejected the song, the group that came in second gets to choose it or not and it continues until all 4 groups have heard it. Once all groups have their song, they were given 5 minutes to get a dance ready and compete. Group 3 and 4 had a tie and they each had to send a representative out to compete leaving Group 3 as the winner. This game was indeed fun and brought a lot of laughters to the HCL. Everyone is a winner!

Members were asked to take a few minutes to brainstorm ideas on what types of events they would like to have for the upcoming year. The whole retreat was fulfilling for the committee members and we do hope that the members enjoyed themselves as much as we did! Photos are up on facebook, do feel free to tag yourself and your friends!

Looking forward to the next event!

UNLV Wine Society Committee