UNLV Wine Society is a newly formed club in UNLV Singapore Campus. The beverage component is significant in a hotel’s income, outlook and brand image. As a leading hospitality school, UNLV recognises this importance and thus, establish a Wine Society for her students to widen their knowledge about beverages. Students graduating from UNLV Singapore Campus would have the competitive advantage over other graduates and be able to keep up with the market demands.

A quote from Derek, the Chairman of UNLV Wine Society:

“ ‘Is water all you ever tasted ?’ This simple sentence had brought forth me and Alvin to form our very own UNLV Wine Society. The long planning period was because we needed to ensure we are able to create a sustainable club, something which we will be able to look forward to even after graduation; a complex network which promises to deepen the knowledge in wines, coupled with fun participation. We are from Rebel 6, we could have spared ourselves the troubles and look forward to graduation, instead we decide to embark on a relentless pursuit for the perfect student club.

Do not underestimate how a student club may evolve into, you may find yourself being handed namecards from general mangers of international chains, having your first wine sommelier competition, learning the ropes of setting up a new club and most importantly, sharing the valuable experiences with your peers and contributing back to future hoteliers.

Having involved in many mega events with UNLV Singapore, I can assure you that no matter what student clubs you may join, do it with passion. One day, you will realise that wearing the UNLV polo tee on you will bring about a new sense of achievement and ensure you will continue your life’s journey with pride and confidence.”

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