Your wait to be a sommelier is over!

Your wait to be a sommelier is over!

UNLV Wine Society is finally collaborating with industry professionals (wine masters, chief sommeliers, business owners…) to bring you a series of fun & serious learning to learn the industry trade secrets!

These skills have been painstakingly acquired over years of experience, and numerous amounts of time and money spent on certifications. We are now offering YOU the opportunity to get a slice of it for a fraction of the price, and even secrets unfound in textbooks!

Open to all UWS Members only, this workshop will be conducted monthly (2-3 hours per session), over a period of 4-5 months. During this time, you can expect to learn all aspects about vinification, pairing, blind tasting, wine knowlege, sommelier service, wine storage, and the list goes on…

Each session is expected to cost a maximum of $25-$30. Do note that this price is a bargain and heavily subsidised by generous industry suppliers who are truly passionate about wines.

Indicate your interest today to – places are limited, passionate beings are most welcome.

Comment below on what you would like to learn and gain from the workshop – and we will definitely try our best to work around your requests!


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