Wine Retreat 2011

Greetings, members!

It has been a long while since we have updated our blog, but believe me – UNLV Wine Society (UWS) has been no less than exciting for the past semester or so. We ushered in the new members in November for the Wine Retreat, with a strong participating crowd of over 60.

There were fun and games, couple with serious learning about wine service, etiquette, glass polishing, uncorking and blind tasting. We also had the pleasure to have Mr Gerald Lu (former Indochine Sommelier) as our guest speaker to introduce the basic concepts of wine culture, and being a sommelier as a career. We definitely suspect that many students were swayed to consider it as a future career prospect, judging from the questions that swarmed Mr Lu!

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We hope that new friends were made over the event, and new things were learnt. It is absolutely as simple as that. Do not forget to say “hi” when you bump into fellow members around campus!

Stay tuned for further updates on other events.


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