Asti Spumante Event

Greetings, Folks!

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) – Singapore Campus’s Wine Society is honoured to collaborate with Italian Wine Club, premier Italian wine distributor, to host this Italian Wine Tasting Event. With the help of Mr. Sandro Giorgi, Director of Italian Wine Club, we had the opportunity of having Mr. Alessandro Boido, an award winning Moscato winemaker and Ca’D’Gal vineyard owner, to share with us his experiences such as the uniqueness of the Italian soil and not forgetting the lead, tasting of the 2011 Lumine Moscato D’ D.O.C.G. and 2011 Asti Spumate D.O.C.G.

To go along with the lovely wines, Wine Society has specially prepared cheese platters and servings of almonds and cashews to clear the palates in order to taste the distinctiveness of the two wines that are proudly sponsored by Mr. Sandro.

Wine Society’s members had the chance to network with industry players, gaining insights of the world of wines and were exposed to external interview by Stomp. You can find the article at

With each event, everyone learn new things and expose ourselves to different wines. It was indeed a spectacular night for all! Do come join us, looking forward to seeing you guys!


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