Wine For Asia 2011


Last 27-28 October, Asia once again had its most comprehensive wine exhibition, Wine For Asia (WFA) at the Suntec Singapore! The event showcases extensive wine seminars, distinguished wine makers, displays and sells exclusive wines. Last year, the event attracted cose to 4,000 visitors from 39 countries!


Some members of our Wine Society were privileged to be able to take part in this networking and eye-opening event. This event allowed them to network with other wine producers/makers/businesses, broaden the knowledge of wine and they also learnt what is best paired with most wines as most of the exhibits had finger snacks which allowed pairing with the wines. 

There were different categories/segments of the Suntec hall that exhibited different popular wines from different regions and countries. Some countries included Italy, France, Africa, Taiwan and Australia. Members had the opportunity to taste these wines and could determine which wines suited their taste buds more. 


This event allowed members to gain greater insights of the wine industry. Our members had fun interacting and one another and with the exhibitors as well. There would be more of such events coming up that allows members to take part, so do stay tuned! 


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